Professional development and consulting services from the creators of AIDE

We have extensive knowledge in mobile software development and cloud backends. Our own apps enjoy more than 1 million yearly downloads and are embraced by users arround the world. We offer world class development and consulting services so you can leverage our expertise for your own projects:

  • We develop complete custom apps according to your wishes from initial design to distribution (public or in-house).
  • We help with implementing certain parts of an app or backend.
  • We help with the continuous extension and maintanance of existing app.
  • We offer consulting services, for example to aid with technology and strategic decisions.
  • We take your existing software through our "app-clinic" to identify and resolve usability or performance issues.

We bill hourly. You control for which parts of your project you want to engange us and for how long. Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs.

Anfrage Unser Sitz ist in Karlsruhe.

How we make apps

We use an agile development process, with adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, and rapid and flexible response to change. We use distinguished technologies to implement your app ideas and bring them to life. We specialize on:

  • Native Android apps with Java/XML and C/C++ where needed.
  • Native iOS apps with Objective C
  • Cross-platform HTML5 apps using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile
  • Cloud backends implemented with Amazon Web Services
  • No-SQL databases DynamoDB, Couchbase and MongoDB or traditional SQL databases MySql, PosgreSQL and Oracle
  • Desktop applications for Windows and MacOS X

Our own apps - AIDE and Scatter - enjoy more than 1 million yearly downloads and are embraced by users arround the world. Our apps are polished and highly functional, and serve our users every day. We like to work on high-quality apps, which enable doing all kinds of things on the go. Our experts have up to 15 years experience in the software industry and have experience working for companies of all sizes, from small startups to big global corporations.