Develop cross-platform Apps with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and PhoneGap/Cordova

We have just released AIDE for PhoneGap, an edition of AIDE specificially designed for creating PhoneGap/Cordova apps. AIDE for PhoneGap now gives developers of PhoneGap apps the same stunning level of development comfort on-the-go that AIDE has offered for native Android development so far.

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. You can use your exisiting HTML5/CSS/JavaScript web development skills to build apps which can be quite easily transfered to various mobile platforms. Learn more about PhoneGap at

AIDE for PhoneGap comes with rich editor support for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript: Syntax highlighting, code completion, color picker, error checking, refactoring and code navigation features.

AIDE for PhoneGap also comes with an integrated quick design preview for pages, which results in an extremly fast turnaround time to see changes to your app. Of course it is also possible to build a real APK for your PhoneGap app and run it directly on the device, so that you can test your app under real conditions.

AIDE for PhoneGap supports popular mobile UI frameworks to speed up development, like jQuery Mobile. Besides the full PhoneGap API you can also use custom PhoneGap plugins. Finally, you can even develop your own (Android) plugins, by utilizing the integrated Java support inherited from AIDE.

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This is another regular paragraph.For developers who have some web development skills, but are not familiar with Java and the Android SDK, AIDE for PhoneGap is an easy way to get into app development. There is no need to install a separate SDK. Just get AIDE for PhoneGap from Google Play and get started with PhoneGap app development today.