AIDE 2.2 features many UI enhancements for faster coding including a context action bar for the editor, selection handles, quick keys and more.

Full list of changes for v2.2.1:

  • New: Quick key bar
  • Improved: Export APK has debugging and logging disabled
  • Fixed: Various build issues
  • Fixed: Various UI issues

Changes already released as part of the 2.2.0 beta:

  • New: UI overhaul following Android 4.x guidelines
  • New: Editor selection drag handles
  • New: Context action bar
  • New: Override method
  • New: Search textually in project
  • New: Support for Android 4.4 (KitKat) SDK
  • New: Support for Java 7 language features
  • New: Support for native development on x86 devices
  • New: Update existing project with newer Android Support Library
  • New: UI designer sizes increase/decrease
  • Improved: Numerous minor fixes and improvements
  • Improved: Updated Android Support Library
  • Improved: Editor performance
  • Fixed: Compiler issues